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Since Pestmaster started operations in 2006, we have been a trusted, reliable and responsible service provider by providing programs and tailored solutions to serious pest infestation and maintenance to our customers’ properties.


Our service records and service guarantee have given us the opportunities to serve our clients for many years.

Pestmaster has always emphasized on providing quality and effective services with environmentalfriendly products. We are also proud to be able to offer rapid response to our clients who need our services.

Today, we use internationally renowned products with ecological-friendly ingredients, such as TIMBOR, to protect our environment and effective against pest infestation. Trained in the special uses of these products, many property managers and owners have confidently engaged our proven products and services. These products are recognized by industry specialists and registered with the relevant local authorities.

Good products provide better protection against pest infestation. Treatments with these products can last for a long time. These treatments will minimize maintenance costs and provide long term customer satisfaction.

By providing fair pricing, service guarantee, rapid response, good customer service, tailored programs and good products, we will continue to expand and provide immense values to all our customers.



  • Pest Control Operator PCO/SEL/615/321

  • Pesticide License for Storage SEL 2009/983/208(SJ)

  • Majlis Perbandaran Subang Jaya No. Pendaftaran: 725860D

  • Essential Requirements of Food Hygiene for Hotels and Restaurants, UKM

  • Introduction to HACCP Course, UKM

  • HACCP Train the Trainer US Agency for International Development and US Department of Agriculture





Choosing a pest control company is more than killing pest.

The only service guarantee in the business:

Our Service Guarantee is a clear, unambiguous promise of a quick, effective solution or your money back. We come back to you with a solution for your satisfaction.

The fastest response time:

We know pest can affect your business. We can respond faster to eliminate your pest problem.

Fair pricing policy:

In all cases, we based our pricing on work to be carried out. There are no ambiguous service charges. All our service charges are documented and explained in technical terms.

Trusted & Reliable:

Many of our past customers come back to us after trying out other pest control companies.

We get the job done!

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